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Surfside Seaplane Training

Train with Experienced Instructors

Surfside Seaplane Training, LLC is a seasonal business that offers seaplane ratings, BFR’s, refresher training and demo flights.  Corporate Pilots can treat themselves to some float flying during your Twin Cities layover. 

Train with experienced instructors in a Cessna 172L on Baumann 2550 floats.  This nicely equipped floatplane is an excellent performer with a 160 hp engine with Powerflow exhaust and fixed pitch propeller, which is a great combination for learning how to fly on floats.  Surfside Seaplane Training will get you current, ready for your practical test or just more comfortable flying on floats. 

Flexible scheduling is available May through October to meet your needs.

Call or email for cost and scheduling:

Ellen Quist


Dan Kedrowski



All Women Rating

Surfside Seaplane Training in Lino Lake, Minnesota, marked its first all-women seaplane rating, "and we are very proud of it," writes Dan Kedrowski. "We think it is very unique." The newly rated seaplane pilot, at upper left, is Ellen Quist with (clock-wise) instructor Amy Smith, Cheri Burger (Private pilot and ground support), and FAA Designated Examiner Mary Alverson.

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