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Airport Information

Surfside Seaplane Base

Surfside Airport is located on Rice Lake in Anoka County and has been part of the Lino Lakes community since the 1940's.  Surfside consists of a public seaplane base (8Y4) and a private grass strip (MN24).

Surfside is the largest Seaplane Base in the lower 48 and is a great little airport.  Conveniently located in the Twin Cities metro very close to both KANE and 25D.  Lakeside camping is available on-site.  We are listed in the RAF Airfield Guide  (an account is required for the RAF website). In addition, Rice Creek campgrounds are nearby. Many hotels and restaurants are in the area as well.  Fly in, make it a family vacation, and enjoy the many attractions the Twin Cities has to offer. 


Surfside Seaplane Base - 8Y4

FAA Identifier: 8Y4, Open to public


Attended: Seasonal, May – October, Dawn – Dusk

CTAF/ELEV: 122.9 / 880 ft.

Lake Info: ~ 6500 ft. * 5500 ft., Shallow around perimeter

Available Fuel: 100LL, Fuel Truck & Dock

Parking: Tiedowns, Aircraft Picker to bring you out of water.

Wind Indicator: Windsock, northeast side of lake.


  • Follow published Right of Way rules as per FAR 91.115.

  • As much as possible, make all approach & departures over the waterway to the SW and NE.  Avoid approach & departures over homes or place of business.

  • Remove weeds and pump floats before putting plane in water.  To clear weeds, visually check water rudders prior to takeoff and cycle water rudders in flight right after takeoff.

  • Avoid waterfowl and nesting sites.  Avoid Peltier lake when Egrets are nesting on island.

  • Ask for assistance with picker and fueling.

  • Water rudders down on takeoff will cost you a case of beer.  Any disputes will be settled by Bruce….and good luck with that!

Water Runway Information

Runway NE/SW

Dimensions: 6500 x 1000 ft. / 1981 x 305 m

Surface: Water

Traffic pattern (Runway NE): Left

Traffic pattern (Runway SW): Left

Runway N/S

Dimensions: 5500 x 1000 ft. / 1676 x 305 m

Surface: Water

Traffic pattern (Runway N): Left

Traffic pattern (Runway S): Left

Image by Shapelined

Surfside Airport Grass Strip (Private)

FAA Identifier: MN24



Airport Identifier: MN24, Private


Attended: Year Round, Dawn-Dusk, Plowed during the winter.

CTAF/ELEV: 122.9 / 890 ft.

Available Fuel: 100LL, Fuel Truck 

Parking: Tiedowns

Wind Indicator: Windsock, northeast side of lake.


  • Make approach & departures over adjoining lakes when possible.

  • White runway markers identify runway midpoint. 

  • Tree line along left side of approach to 04.

Aircraft requirements to utilize turf runway:

  • Stall speed of 55 KCAS or less in landing configuration.

  • 85% gross weight capacity of aircraft or less

  • Utilize short field landing & takeoff techniques.

Runway Information

Grass Strip Runway

Dimensions: 1800 x 80 ft.

Surface: Grass - Plowed in winter

Traffic pattern (Runway heading 040): Over lake

Traffic pattern (Runway heading 220): Over lake

Surfside Airport Grass Strip (PRIVATE)​

FAA Identifier: MN24

Elevation: 890 ft

CTAF: 122.9

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