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Aircraft Modifications

We work to overcome obstacles and customize an aircraft to meet the individual customer’s mission, needs, and budget. No project is too big or too small, whether it be a simple STC kit installation, a more complicated field approved modification or a complete aircraft restoration/rebuild. We make aviation dreams come true, one aircraft at a time.

  • Complete Aircraft refurbishment and custom paint.

  • Float Conversions; float kit installations, seaplane and amphibious float installations, all manufacturers

  • Ski Conversions- We are a stocking Airglas distributor. We can install all manufacturers.

  • Landing Gear Modifications, including Tundra Tires, Alaskan Gear Co (bush wheels, wheels and brakes, tailwheel), Extended Landing Gear, Airglas Nosefork  TLGW (The Landing Gear Works)

  • Lightweight battery, starter/charging system. Sky Tec, B & C

  • F Atlee Dodge products such as extended gear, folding seats.

  • BAS shoulder harness systems and tail handles.

  • Wing-X Wing extensions.

  • Sportsman STOL kits.

  • Micro AeroDynamics Micro Vortex Generators

  • LED lighting- Complete AeroLeds Conversions 

  • Extended baggage by Airglas or Selkirk. Custom carbon fiber kit for Cessna 172 available.

  • Cargo Pods by Airglas

  • Coast Dog Aviation Cessna 206 Cargo Door Modification

  • Custom Instrument Panels

  • Custom Interiors

  • Engine Instrumentation by JP Instruments and Electronics International 

  • CiES Fuel Senders

  • Rosen Sun Visor Systems

  • Precise Flow Air Vent Kits

  • Power Flow Exhaust

  • Electronic Ignition 

We are an Airglas Distributor

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Various Modifications

Complete Aircraft Refurbishment

Custom Paint
1967 Cessna A185E Rebuild

Float Kit Installation and Ski Conversions

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