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Seaplane Repair & Maintenance

Not only do we repair aircraft, we fly them too!

Need maintenance for your seaplane?

Seaplane Services, Inc. is a fully equipped general maintenance shop with technologies and equipment to handle most seaplane related repair or maintenance issues.

Experience & Knowledge

A one-stop shop with knowledge in sea, bush, utility and ski planes where we pay the utmost attention to detail and the quality of work. We consistently strive for growth and expansion.

Founded in 1995, we have evolved to offer a wide variety of services and products. We continue to expand our range of services and equipment to meet the needs of our customers. When it comes to aircraft maintenance, we are very proud of our reputation. We value the relationships we have built with our customers.

1950 Piper PA-20.jpg

Surfside Seaplane Training

Attention Pilots! If you are exploring the idea of seaplane flying, you can get your rating right here with Surfside Seaplane Training. You can also receive your Biannual Flight Review and more. Check out all the services we have to offer.

Convenient Location

We are  located at the largest seaplane base in the continental US, conveniently only 20 miles north of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. For over 60 years Surfside Seaplane Base has been home to everything from Piper J3 to Beech 18 aircraft. Our close proximity to the Twin Cities makes it easy for over 60 aircraft to base here each year.

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