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EDO 1650 Floats


 Part Number 88A10.

 Rigged for Piper PA 20/22.

 Single water rudder.

 Good condition.


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Other Items

 180 Left door

 206 pork chops for EDO 3430/3500 floats

 Cessna lift detector p/n S1672-1, new surplus, with pick tag. $4,757 list, sell $2,375, no core required

 206 auxiliary seats

 1967 Cessna 150 doors

 1966 150 elevator, left

 150 aileron and flap, right

 Cessna 210, TU206G mixture control p/n 9862066-1, new surplus, with 8130 tag, $658.00 list, sell $275

 210 spinner for 2 blade McCauley p/n 1250415K200, new surplus, with 8130 tag. $1603.00 list price. Sell $960.00

 206 seaplane tailpipes p/n 1250264-6 $194.00 list, 1250256-7 $323.00 list, new surplus.

 Sky-Tec starters, Plane Power Alternators, light weight batteries IN STOCK.

 Cessna 152 fuel quantity cluster and transmitter replacement service kit p/n SK152-21, new surplus, with pick tag, $1,673.00 list, sell $1,000.00. For replacement of Stewart Warner with Rochester

 Cessna 152 muffler “stubs” 0454009-6, new surplus, from AWI, $275.00

 Cessna 172P wheel fairing sets, used excellent condition.

 Cessna 172XP right hand top cowl, p/n 0552158-2, used, one small patch, slightly dented.

 Cessna 152 winter fronts, p/n 0450080-1 and 0450080-2, used, excellent condition, $300 pair.

 Cessna U206 winter fronts p/n 1200191-2 and 1200191-3, used, excellent condition, $150 pair.

 Cessna elevator trim actuator p/n 1260644-15, used overhauled condition, $1,100.00.

 Cessna A185E spinner p/n 0752042-5 and bulkhead assy. p/n 0752044-3 (2 blade McCauley).

 Hartzell Spinner p/n C3532-13P, polished, new in box, never installed. $1264.00 list, sell $850.00. Used on Hartzell “Top Prop” 180 HP 172 installations.

 Cessna various 206 and 210 models, cowl flap controls, p/n MC1244-31 and MCS1244-32. New condition with ID tags from McFarlane. $175.00 pair

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